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In May 2008, soon after starting this blog, I wrote a post entitled "I call it 'All the parts' because..." and that really sums up what I've always tried to do here in these pages.

I started reading book blogs in mid-2009, and I'm sure the number of posts tagged "books and reading" have appeared with greater frequency since then. I read and enjoy a lot of book blogs, and follow a number of bloggers on Twitter, and I'm envious of the number of books they read each month/year, and the amount of discipline most of them exercise in posting new content so frequently. I know I wouldn't be able to keep up that kind of schedule. So I linger on the fringes of the book blogging community, and appreciate looking in on it, but I don't consider myself a book blogger -- because I haven't earned the title and couldn't live up to it, but also because my blog is a haven for me to record and reflect upon whatever's going on in my life, and any topic that crosses my mind.